Youth ministry is important to Red Mountain Church. In our effort to love the youth of our church, we desire to partner with parents as their child grows up in the faith. We believe our youth need healthy relationships with peers and adults within the RMC community as they learn, ask questions and grow in the grace and knowledge of the Gospel. Therefore, we offer regular teaching and discussion for fourth grade and above coupled with opportunities to build relationships with peers and adult volunteers.


We have four goals for our youth ministry at RMC:

  1. Mutual care: we want to help our youth grow to love and care for each other the way Jesus has loved and cared for us.

  2. Scripture discussion: we want to engage with our youth over the word of God to teach them and give them room to honestly wrestle with belief and doubt on the way to faith in Christ.

  3. Prayer: we want our youth to enjoy the privileges of grace and the free access we now have to commune with God in prayer.

  4. Ministry mindset: we want our youth to respond to grace in love and service to others in partnership with the whole church body.


In addition to these four goals the feel of our youth ministry will be more relational than programmatic. Our relational approach to youth ministry travels along three avenues: building relationships with each child, pastoring families, and connecting youth to the broader church community.

If you have questions or would like to talk further about youth ministry at RMC please email Matt Clegg at

Sunday Class Schedule

January 6 | Spring Term Begins

January 20

February 3

February 17

March 3

March 17

March 31

April 14

April 28

May 12 | Spring Term Ends

RMC Youth (grades 4-6) meetings are at 9am in the downstairs Conference room at the avon