In our worship of God, we seek to be . . .

Rooted in the scriptures and ancient traditions of the Church, utilizing the creeds, liturgy and hymns of
 the centuries expressed in our cultural context.

Responsive to the invitation of God’s exorbitant love through Jesus Christ, gathering weekly to feast on His Word and at His table with grateful hearts praising and thanking God.

Honest in acknowledging the spectrum of belief and doubt that resides in every heart, welcoming people as they are.


God’s gift of forgiveness of sin and newness of life in Jesus Christ is freely and abundantly given to us, transforming our relationships with . . .

God. Even though we do not deserve it, God has adopted us as His children. We rest as we trust that God has fully reconciled us to Himself. Through faith we are being transformed by His Spirit who dwells in us as we learn to depend on Him instead of ourselves.

People. Seeing ourselves as forgiven sinners, our hearts are softened toward others, even our enemies. By the Spirit, we are moved to love those around us, especially the bruised, broken and struggling, and forgive those who hurt us.

The World. We believe the Kingdom of God is unfolding in our time and place in ways that touch every aspect of our lives, and we eagerly await the renewal of all things in Christ.


Living life together under God’s Word and around God’s table, we embrace our common identity in Christ and are moved to . . .

Care for one another as brothers and sisters, sharing our struggles and joys in recognition of our ongoing need for one another.

Neighbor those with whom our daily lives bring us into contact with a posture of humility and love. 

Invite people into the Red Mountain Church community.


We seek rootedness in a transient culture. Our place is the south side of the City of Birmingham, a place shaped by unique historical and cultural tensions. We call our members to consider how they may . . .

Enjoy this place by worshipping and spending time in it, knowing and loving its people.

Serve this place by seeking its welfare through justice and mercy. We aspire to know and care for the poor and disenfranchised, and to see our city flourish.

Carry our vision for the importance of place into their neighborhoods and workplaces, prioritizing relationships with those who are near, at home, work, worship or play.