“The grace of God should lead us to see the truth about ourselves, and to gain a certain lucidity, a certain humor, a certain down-to-earthness.”
-Gerhard Forde

We believe that the normal Christian life is peppered with joy and disappointment, hope and heartache, desire and longing. Our individual and community practices help shape and mold us into a certain kind of people. Pastor and theologian John Calvin famously wrote that wisdom comes from knowing God and knowing ourselves, and "which one proceeds and brings forth the other is not easy to discern." So we hope to lean into God's Big Story of redemption as well as our own unique small stories. And through that, we are becoming more and more acquainted with our dignity and our depravity, with God's grace.

RMC hosts various seminars, Bible studies, and learning opportunities throughout the year in order to facilitate discipleship and spiritual growth. We believe that spiritual development occurs as believers (adults and children) become more true worshippers and imitators of Jesus Christ, and our teaching is centered on that goal. In addition to leadership training and a quarterly "What is RMC?" class that introduces people to our church, we offer seminars that have included topics such as justice and mercy, marriage, parenting, and surveys of the Bible. 

For more information on our spiritual formation series, contact Adam Young.